The King Of Budget Garbage Disposers

Waste King L-111 garbage disposer

The importance of garbage disposers have been firmly established in the recent years. These devices help you get rid of culinary garbage in a modern and efficient manner. Due to many big players vying for the market share, the choices are plentiful too. But like most people out there, your budget might be a little constrained in the current economic conditions and hence you might be looking for a model where quality meets budget perfectly. The Waste King L-111 is such a model where you get the goodness of garbage disposal at a very affordable price.

Compact And Easy To Install

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the device is its simple and uncluttered design. It is very easy to install this model and you might not need any professional help as well. In fact some people needed only 15 – 20 minutes to install it themselves. Being compact, it leaves a lot of room under the sink.

Speed To Whirl Your Garbage Away

This disposer has only a 1/3 horsepower motor but an astonishing speed of 1900 RPM that is good enough to handle most types of garbage. The continuous operation is perfect if you are a busy cook. The motor speed will turn the garbage into fine paste which can then be easily dealt with.

A Robust Disposer With A Robust Warranty:

The Waste King L-111 is a very robust device as its drain housing and grinding chamber are made from corrosion free material. Still if it somehow breaks down, the manufacturer provides 2 years in-home warranty which means you will not need to take the device to the store or the service center. Rather, the technician will reach your house and fix it on the spot.

Awesome Price:

This device costs just over 50 USD, yes you heard that right! This efficient garbage disposal system can be yours for just over 50 bucks. That is a great deal if you consider the prices of some other garbage disposers in the market.

So if you have plans to buy a garbage disposer but are shying away from the idea due to the exorbitant pricing of some models, the Waste King L-111 is there for you.

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