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The Different Uses of Microwave Oven

A microwave oven has been around for many years. It has been used to reheat leftovers and some owners use it to perfectly steam foods like broccoli. But these aren’t the only uses of such oven. Bear in mind that it is an investment so you need to make sure that you maximize it.

At Oven Shopper they reviewed a Pioneer microwave and they sure made it work harder than just reheating your leftovers. They considered it as a healthier way of preparing vegetables without the risk of removing their nutrients from boiling or frying. This is because cooking your veggies in a microwave oven leaves their nutrients intact. Then, you can use it to steam your food without adding fat.

Is it possible to poach eggs?

Definitely. In fact, some offices have this oven in their pantry so that their workers can easily poach fresh eggs. They add them to a pasta they’re preparing.

Apart from that, you can also make potato chips using this oven. What’s great about it is that you don’t need oil to do so. But the result is still the result. You can have crispy potato chips straight from your microwave oven.

Frothing a milk for your favorite latte is also possible. It may not be Starbucks quality but if you don’t have that special machine to froth milk, then use this oven to do it. You just need a microwaveable jar where you add the milk.

Mac and cheese can be prepared using it. When you do so, it’ll only take 10 minutes or less to have your favorite mac and cheese on your table. This is possible because its pasta and its sauce can be cooked using this oven.

If you don’t want scorched nuts, then use your microwave oven to toast your nuts. It’s very quick and easy, unlike the traditional way of toasting it.

Another great use of this oven is that it can help in sanitizing your kitchen equipment. There’s no need for you to purchase an autoclave to do it. However, before you sanitize your kitchen tools, make sure that they’re microwaveable safe. Don’t put tools that may melt when you place them inside.

The list doesn’t stop there. You can make popcorn without the use of a bag using this oven. You just have to put those kernels in a microwaveable bowl and allow them to pop inside the microwave oven. It’s easy and very convenient.

How To Select The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Your Needs

After a day’s toil it is obvious that a mind would be in need of sheer peace and rest. And to achieve this rare feat you mattress plays a big part. But just any mattress will never do the trick. You have to be picky and careful in this regard. Lately the mattress market is being ruled by the memory foam variety. Thus if you are looking for a change in your mattress or if you want to buy a totally new one, it is recommended that you read the following points carefully and select the memory foam mattress that best suits your need.

To choose the proper firmness of the mattress you first have to be clear about the preferable way you sleep in the night. If you prefer sleeping on your back, go for a Medium firm mattress as the pressure is mostly on your spine. If you are a sideways sleeper, you are frees to go for a medium to soft mattress. For sleepers who sleep on their stomachs should look for a firmer variety or else your face will bury down in the foam and that is utterly uncomfortable. For sleepers who combine all the positions should immediately see a doctor because you are not sleeping properly and your mattress may or may not be blamed for any morning after pains and discomforts you might have.

This is the most confusing part. So let me explain the trick density does. The less the density the softer to touch the memory foam is.

  • If you prefer to feel the immediate softness the moment you hit the bed, low density of 3lbs/cubic feet is the best choice. The foam moulds immediately to your body contour.
  • If you are looking for a budget mattress, then go for the 4-5lbs/cubic feet. It is also neither too soft to touch nor it is overtly hard and gives an overall comfortable sensation.
  • The 5lbs/cubic feet are the toughest ones and are often recommended by doctors to people with back pain.

The weight of the mattress largely depends on the thickness. So if you are a frequent mover then weigh your options. Moreover, the amount of softness you prefer can also attribute to the thickness.

The above points briefly address the parameters you need to consider while looking for the perfect mattress for you. So now that you have got some idea, start your own research and buy the best memory foam mattress.

The Proper Place to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

First Alert CO615 Plug-In Alarm

Carbon monoxide detectors are triggered if there is a dangerous level of carbon monoxide within the area. Are they essential? You may ask.

Carbon monoxide poisoning
With these detectors, carbon monoxide poisoning can be prevented. Carbon monoxide, per se, is the leading cause of poisoning in America and causing several deaths. This invisible gas is present in the air. In your house, it can be formed from incomplete combustion from devices that are fueled by flame, such as ranges, ovens, fireplaces and space heaters, among others. However, this gas can escape outside your home if your house has proper ventilation.

Where should you install carbon monoxide detectors?
Experts recommend installing them at least 5 feet above the floor. You can place them on the ceiling but do not install them next to a fireplace. Each floor or room in your house must have a separate detector. However, if you cannot afford to purchase several detectors, then you must install your single carbon monoxide detector near your sleeping area. In this way, you will be alerted if the carbon monoxide in that area is in dangerous level. You must also make sure that the alarm causes loud noise so that it will rouse you from your sleep.

Now, if the alarm is triggered, do not ignore it. Turn it off and evacuate the area. Move all members of your household outside your house to get fresh air. Do not go inside the house without first remedying the problem. Make sure that your house is checked by a profession before returning inside. If one of you is experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms, you must call 911 without delay.

If you can trust these 4 CO detector reviews it shouldn't be hard to buy one. But once you have these detectors at home, you must make sure that they are functioning properly. Test them out on a regular basis. This is to ensure that they can indeed detect harmful level of carbon monoxide within your house to avoid being poisoned by this invisible gas.

Feel At Home While Away From Home

Many of us have a knack and passion for trekking and camping. Hence, we all have a list of things to carry for such purposes. What is the item that tops that chart? Is it not air beds? Well, yes, of course, an air bed is the most essential item that needs to be packed first. The entire fun of a thrilling trip will get marred if you do not get a good night’s sleep at the end of a tiring day!

An air mattress should be such that it gives you the feel of your own cozy, comfortable bed at home. No compromise should be made in terms of quality when it comes to choosing and packing an air bed. This writing is all about the various types of air beds available in the market as per you need and budget. Next time when you need an air bed these following points will be of great help to you and will definitely let you choose the best bed for your family.

Well one can always use an air mattress anytime and anywhere, for using an air bed you do not necessarily have to plan a trip away from home in some mountains or forest. In fact you can let your guests accommodate on some air beds which are exactly an appropriate substitute of mattress. Thus, we will be discussing here about air beds suitable for both on trips and in homes.

Air beds can be of two types, having built in and external pump. Some choose to buy air beds having built-in pumps as it is easy to handle and pump air. However, for obvious reasons, built-in air beds are more expensive than the external pump air beds but externally pumped air beds can at times be tough to handle. When you are at home you can effortlessly use an externally pumped air bed but when you are out on a trek or on a camping trip, this type of air beds can be risky.

Thus, when you buy an air mattress next time, it is highly advisable that you choose the built-in air beds if it suits your pocket.

Choosing An Induction Cooktop Over A Traditional One?

Induction cooktops are taking over the market of traditional gas and electric cooking systems very fast. But if you are really into cooking and looking for a positive change in the kitchen, please go through the pros and cons of the induction cooktop as compared to the traditional modes of cooking.


  • Low electrical consumptions.
  • The cooktop heats up only the space where the pan is placed and thus keeps the cook from burning accidentally.
  • Easier to clean because of the flat and polished surface that do not let dirt stick to it or hide in the corners.
  • Last but not the least, the speed of cooking. Induction cooktops take much less time than gas or other electric cooking devices.


  • More expensive compared to the traditional cooking system (although the utility bills somewhat compensates in that regard).
  • Cookware is the main problem. Induction cooktops need special cookware. Regular cookware cannot be used with induction cooktops in most of the cases.

Now that the pros and cons of induction cook tops are discussed, you can make your choice much more easily.

The King Of Budget Garbage Disposers

Waste King L-111 garbage disposer

The importance of garbage disposers have been firmly established in the recent years. These devices help you get rid of culinary garbage in a modern and efficient manner. Due to many big players vying for the market share, the choices are plentiful too. But like most people out there, your budget might be a little constrained in the current economic conditions and hence you might be looking for a model where quality meets budget perfectly. The Waste King L-111 is such a model where you get the goodness of garbage disposal at a very affordable price.

Compact And Easy To Install

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the device is its simple and uncluttered design. It is very easy to install this model and you might not need any professional help as well. In fact some people needed only 15 – 20 minutes to install it themselves. Being compact, it leaves a lot of room under the sink.

Speed To Whirl Your Garbage Away

This disposer has only a 1/3 horsepower motor but an astonishing speed of 1900 RPM that is good enough to handle most types of garbage. The continuous operation is perfect if you are a busy cook. The motor speed will turn the garbage into fine paste which can then be easily dealt with.

A Robust Disposer With A Robust Warranty:

The Waste King L-111 is a very robust device as its drain housing and grinding chamber are made from corrosion free material. Still if it somehow breaks down, the manufacturer provides 2 years in-home warranty which means you will not need to take the device to the store or the service center. Rather, the technician will reach your house and fix it on the spot.

Awesome Price:

This device costs just over 50 USD, yes you heard that right! This efficient garbage disposal system can be yours for just over 50 bucks. That is a great deal if you consider the prices of some other garbage disposers in the market.

So if you have plans to buy a garbage disposer but are shying away from the idea due to the exorbitant pricing of some models, the Waste King L-111 is there for you.

For more information on Waste King models just check this review website, a 100% garbage disposal hangout.

Hoover WH20200 TwinTank, the Power Of Cleaning In Your Hand

Oreck Steam-It

In the last few years, steam cleaners have firmly established themselves as the future of cleaning. Gone are the days when steam mops were only commercially used. Nowadays they are in high demand for regular home cleaning too, but finding the right steam cleaner is paramount. Although there are many models in the market, the WH20200 from Hoover has taken cleaning freaks by surprise with its efficiency and power.

TwinTank For The Best Results

Some people believe that steam alone cannot clean all the dirt and stains. Keeping this in mind, Hoover WH20200 has introduced two tanks, one that holds regular water which is converted into steam and another that holds a solution of water and SteamPlus disinfectant. So you can get rid of most of the germs and dirt using regular steam and if required, charge up the biodegradable and non-toxic disinfectant for run through.

Features That Will Satisfy You:

The cleaner comes with many cool features and the triangular cleaning head is one of those. The triangular head makes it easy to clean the corners of the floor and since it swivels, it is easy to clean large areas fast. There is a holding tray included with the cleaner that lets you store the cleaner without having to cool it down first.

Some other features are:

  • Washable, replaceable and reversible Microfiber cleaning pads.
  • 30 feet long power cord so you clean a large area without having to change power plug frequently.
  • Can clean almost any surface.
  • Carpet Glide feature to clean carpets.
  • Takes only 30 seconds to power up.
  • Steam indicator.
  • Switch between tanks at just the turn of a dial.
  • Perfect height for people with back or knee problems.

Consider the surprisingly reasonable price of the WH20200 along with these features and you would understand why it is an excellent choice for home cleaning. This steam cleaner has been featured in almost all steam cleaner reviews online and it is definitely the best carpet cleaner 2014. Bring it home and see how easy and fun cleaning can be.

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